mTOR 信号通路 | 营养和细胞应激调控


mTOR Signaling Pathway | Nutrient and Cell Stress Regulation

Lesson on mTOR Signaling Pathway: In-depth Overview of Upstream Nutrient and Stress Regulators and Regulators of the mTOR complexes. Hey guys! In this lesson I give you an in-depth, detailed analysis the many ways in which the mTOR pathway is regulated by nutrient signaling pathways and cellular stress pathways such as DNA damage and hypoxia. WARNING: This video is not for the faint of heart – this is another video with a lot of information! Hope you all find it helpful. *Subscribe for more free medical lessons* mTOR 信号通路的教训: 上游营养和压力调节剂和 mTOR 复合物调节剂的深入概述。嘿,伙计们!在本课中,我将深入详细地分析 mTOR 通路是如何通过营养信号通路和细胞应激通路(如 DNA 损伤和缺氧)来调节的。警告: 这个视频不适合胆小的人-这是另一个视频与大量的信息!希望你们都能从中受益。


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