Pterostilbene is a dimethylated derivative of resveratrol that, for some mechanisms, is more potent. It is also much better absorbed, and is commonly referred to as a ‘better resveratrol’. It looks promising, but has significantly less research than its predecessor.


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Summary of Pterostilbene


Primary information, health benefits, side effects, usage, and other important details


Pterostilbene is a methylated stilbene molecule with structural similarity to resveratrol, the only difference being two methoxy groups on the pterostilbene molecule that replace hydroxy groups on the resveratrol molecule. While most of the actions of the two are comparable, pterostilbene appears to be much more well absorbed following oral ingestion and may be a more potent antioxidant and anticancer molecule.


Only one study has evaluated pterostilbene in humans. It found an increase in LDL-cholesterol and a trend towards lower HDL levels in people with high cholesterol levels who took 100 or 250 mg per day. It was unclear if the lower dose led to a reduction in blood pressure, but the reduction in the group who took the higher dose was potent.


Supplementation of pterostilbene for the purpose of aiding glucose and lipid metabolism tends to be around 20- 40mg/kg oral ingestion in rats, which is an estimated human dosage range of:


  • 215-430mg for a 150lb person一个体重150磅的人215-430毫克
  • 290-580mg for a 200lb person一个200磅的人290-580毫克
  • 365-730mg for a 250lb person一个体重250磅的人365-730毫克

Possible anxiolytic properties of pterostilbene are seen at 1-2mg/kg in mice, which is an estimated human dose of:


  • 5.5-11mg for a 150lb person体重150磅的人5.5-11毫克
  • 7.3-14.5mg for a 200lb person200磅的人7.3-14.5毫克
  • 9-18mg for a 250lb person250磅的人9-18毫克

Which is notable as 5-10mg/kg in these mice (slightly over double the dose) has failed to have the same anxiolytic effects, suggesting a bell-curve that may favor lower dosages such as is found in food consumption rather than higher dosages from supplementation.


Limited human studies have used either 50mg twice a day or 125mg twice a day, and the addition of Grape seed extract (100mg at both dosing times) with the low dose may mitigate some adverse effects on cholesterol seen with pterostilbene in isolation.


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 Human Effect Matrix


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The Human Effect Matrix summarizes human studies to tell you what effects Pterostilbene has on your body, how much evidence there is, and how strong these effects are.

人类效应矩阵总结了人类研究,告诉你紫檀对你的身体有什么影响,有多少证据,以及这些影响有多强。Full details are available to 有关详情,请浏览

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GRADE职系LEVEL OF EVIDENCE 证据水平[show legend] [表演传奇]
grade-cBlood Pressure血压Minor 未成年人See study 参见研究Pterostilbene appears to reduce blood pressure in hypercholesterolemic adults, and the addition of grape seed extract (which mitigates adverse cholesterol effects) adds to the benefits to blood pressure. 紫檀芪似乎可以降低高胆固醇血症成年人的血压,添加葡萄籽精华素(可以减轻不利的胆固醇影响)可以增加血压的益处
grade-cHDL-C 高密度脂蛋白 cMinor 未成年人See study 参见研究In hypercholesterolemic adults 在高胆固醇血症的成年人中not 不 on cholesterol lowering medication, pterostilbene appears to reduce HDL mildly. 在降低胆固醇的药物中,紫檀似乎能轻度降低高密度脂蛋白
grade-cLDL-C 低密度脂蛋白 cMinor 未成年人See study 参见研究An increase in LDL cholesterol has been noted with oral ingestion of pterostilbene in hypercholesterolemic adults, mitigated by grape seed extract 在高胆固醇血症的成年人中,通过口服服用紫檀二苯乙烯可以增加 LDL 胆固醇的含量,并且可以通过葡萄籽精华素减轻
grade-cTotal Cholesterol 总胆固醇Minor 未成年人See study 参见研究An increase in total cholesterol, attributable to LDL, has been seen in hypercholesterolemic adults given pterostilbene. 高胆固醇血症的成年人服用紫檀二苯乙烯后,总胆固醇升高可归因于低密度脂蛋白
grade-cWeight 重量Minor 未成年人See study 参见研究A slight decrease in weight has been seen in adults given pterostilbene supplementation alongside an increase in cholesterol; the two appear linked, as the addition of grape seed extract appeared to … 在成年人服用紫檀和芪的同时,体重有轻微的下降,胆固醇有所增加; 这两者似乎有关联,因为添加葡萄籽精华素似乎..See more 更多信息
grade-cBlood Glucose血糖See study 参见研究Supplementation of pterostilbene in hypercholesterolemic adults does not appear to influence blood glucose relative to control. 补充翼点芪在高胆固醇血症成人似乎没有影响血糖相对控制
grade-cCreatinine 肌酐See study 参见研究Supplementation of pterostilbene in hypercholesterolemic adults does not appear to influence creatinine relative to control. 补充翼点芪在高胆固醇血症成人似乎没有影响肌酐相对于控制
grade-cLiver Enzymes肝酶See study 参见研究Supplementation of pterostilbene in hypercholesterolemic adults does not appear to influence liver enzymes (ALP, AST) relative to control. 补充紫檀二苯乙烯在高胆固醇血症的成年人似乎没有影响肝酶(ALP,AST)相对于控制
grade-cTriglycerides 甘油三酯See study 参见研究There do not appear to be any interactions on triglycerides in adults with normal triglyceride levels given pterostilbene supplementation. 在服用翼龙芪补充剂的甘油三酯水平正常的成年人中,似乎没有任何甘油三酯的相互作用

Studies Excluded from Consideration


  • Confounded with the inclusion of other nutrients[1]混淆其他营养素[1]


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