Trimethylglycine (TMG) is identical to DMG (B15), except that it contains three methyl groups instead of two. After ingestion TMG is rapidly converted into DMG by the liver, providing the body with all the benefits of DMG, as well as detoxifying homocysteine, a by product of methionine metabolism that is a powerful pro-oxidant and free-radical generator known to be a leading cause of heart disease.

甜菜碱(TMG)与 DMG (B15)相同,只是它含有3个甲基而不是2个甲基。摄入 TMG 后,肝脏迅速将其转化为 DMG,为身体提供 DMG 的所有益处,以及解除同型半胱氨酸的毒性。同型半胱氨酸是蛋氨酸代谢的副产物,是一种强大的氧化促进剂和自由基生成剂,已知是心脏病的一个主要原因。

If one gets adequate amounts of B6, either from foods or supplements, much of the bodys homocysteine is converted into cystathione, an antioxidant and free-radical deactivator.

如果一个人从食物或补充剂中获得足够的维生素 B6,大部分的同型半胱氨酸就会转化为半胱硫酮,一种抗氧化剂和自由基减活剂。

About half of our homocysteine is detoxified by this process. The other half is detoxified by a process called transmethylation. One way this happens is that 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, which we make from folic acid, donates its methyl group to the homocysteine and thereby converts it to the essential amino acid methionine. Homocysteine is nothing more than methionine deprived of its methyl group.

我们体内大约一半的同型半胱氨酸通过这个过程被解毒。另一半通过一个叫做转甲基化的过程进行解毒。其中一种方法是,我们从叶酸中提取5- 甲基四氢叶酸,将其甲基基转化为同型半胱氨酸,从而将其转化为必需氨基酸甲硫氨酸。同型半胱氨酸只不过是甲基被剥夺的蛋氨酸。

Another way that homocysteine is converted to methionine is through transfer of the methyl group from trimethlglycine (TMG). We get an additional benefit from this because TMG, in losing its methyl group, becomes DMG. In brief, this simple action detoxifies homocysteine, recycles methionine and supplies B15.

同型半胱氨酸转化为蛋氨酸的另一种方式是通过从三甲基甘氨酸(TMG)转移甲基。我们得到一个额外的好处,因为 TMG,在失去它的甲基,成为 DMG。简而言之,这个简单的行动解毒同型半胱氨酸,回收蛋氨酸和供应 B15。

TMG is also called betaine. We avoid this name because betaine is commonly sold in health food stores in it’s hydrochloride form as a hydrochloric acid supplement for people with weak digestive acids. This is not the desired form for the purposes described above. It is very acidic, must be taken only with meals and can otherwise cause severe gastric irritation. The desired material is free-base betaine, which tastes mildly sweet and causes no untoward side effects. In order to make a clear distincion and avoid confusion, we call the acid supplement betaine HCI and the detoxifying nutrient TMG.

TMG 也叫甜菜碱。我们避免这个名字是因为甜菜碱通常在健康食品商店里以盐酸盐的形式出售,作为消化不良人群的盐酸补充剂。对于上述目的来说,这不是理想的形式。它是非常酸性的,必须与饭食一起服用,否则会引起严重的胃刺激。理想的材料是自由基甜菜碱,尝起来温和甜,没有不良副作用。为了清晰界定,避免混淆,我们称之为酸性补充甜菜碱 HCI 和解毒营养素 TMG。


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