NMN Supplements Personal Case Study

NMN (full name nicotinamide mononucleotide) is a precursor to NAD – a key molecule in cellular energy production. Recently, the awareness of NMN has increased dramatically, particularly due to the public admission by Harvard professor David Sinclair that it is part of his daily supplement regime. His reports of his own, and his father’s, positive experience with it certainly got me interested.

NMN (全名烟酰胺单核苷酸)是 NAD 的前体,NAD 是细胞能量生产的关键分子。最近,NMN 的意识急剧增加,特别是由于哈佛大学教授大卫辛克莱尔公开承认,它是他的每日补充制度的一部分。他自己的报告,还有他父亲的正面经验,肯定让我很感兴趣。

I’ve recently turned 50, so am definitely starting to feel the aches and pains of ageing, even though I do my best to keep in shape and (less successfully) eat and drink healthily. NMN therefore looks like an ideal candidate to try to see whether it makes a meaningful impact on my day to day living.

我最近刚满50岁,所以我肯定开始感觉到衰老带来的疼痛,尽管我尽我最大的努力保持身材,并且(不那么成功地)吃喝健康。因此,NMN 看起来像一个理想的候选人,试图看看它是否对我的日常生活产生有意义的影响。

My plan is to try 1,000 mg (or 1 g) of NMN daily for one month, and track using a health app how I feel and see if there is any improvement in physical or mental health over that period. To provide more objective results, I’m also going to perform a before and after blood test with my regular provider, Medichecks*. See “trial protocol” below for more details.

我的计划是在一个月内每天尝试1000毫克(或1克)的 NMN,并使用一个健康应用程序跟踪我的感觉,看看在这段时间里是否有任何身体或心理健康的改善。为了提供更客观的结果,我还将与我的定期提供者梅迪奇克斯一起进行血液测试前后的检查。详情请参阅下面的“试验方案”。

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What Is NMN And What Does It Do?

什么是 NMN,它能做什么?

NMN works at a very low level in the body’s metabolism. It’s doesn’t do anything exciting itself, like creating antibodies or fibres, it just recycles another molecule when it gets used up. That doesn’t sound very exciting, but when the molecule it is recycling is NAD, its importance becomes more apparent.

NMN 在人体的新陈代谢中起着非常低的作用。它本身不做任何令人兴奋的事情,比如制造抗体或纤维,它只是在另一个分子用完后再循环。这听起来不是很令人兴奋,但是当分子循环是 NAD 时,它的重要性就变得更加明显。

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) switches between its two forms, NAD+ and NADH, by accepting electrons (for example from food) and donating them to other processes. This supports many other crucial reactions in the cell that enable energy production and cellular signalling.

NAD (烟酰胺腺嘌呤二核苷酸)在 NAD + 和 NADH 两种形式之间切换,通过接受电子(例如食物中的电子)并将其捐赠给其他过程。这支持许多其他关键反应,使能源生产和细胞信号。

NAD+ helps to produce ATP via glycolysis, the citric acid cycle and the electron transport chain (inside mitochondria). Most cells in the body use approximately one billion ATP molecules every minute – so if there isn’t enough NAD around to replenish the ATP your cells start to die. That’s why NMN as a NAD booster, which increases energy metabolism, could be one of the most effective supplements available.

NAD + 通过糖酵解、三羧酸循环和电子传递链(线粒体内)帮助产生 ATP。身体中的大多数细胞每分钟大约使用10亿个 ATP 分子——所以如果周围没有足够的 NAD 来补充 ATP,你的细胞就会开始死亡。这就是为什么 NMN 作为 NAD 增强剂,可以增加能量代谢,可以成为最有效的补充剂之一。

NAD also plays an important role in cellular signalling. One of the most critical is the maintenance of sirtuins which are involved in coordinating an array of crucial functions such as blood vessel growth, stem cell rejuvenation and DNA repair.

NAD 在细胞信号转导中也起着重要作用。其中最关键的一点是去乙酰化酶的维持,去乙酰化酶参与协调一系列重要功能,如血管生长、干细胞再生和 DNA 修复。

Why Does NAD Need Boosting?

为什么 NAD 需要提升?

NAD levels reduce with age2,3,5 resulting in mitochondrial dysfunction, glucose intolerance and cellular senescence to name just a few. Back in 2012, researchers at University of New South Wales4 examined the NAD content of skin tissue in humans of different ages. The results showed a pretty clear decline in NAD levels the older we get.

2,3,5岁时,NAD 水平降低,导致线粒体功能障碍,葡萄糖耐受不良和细胞衰老等等。早在2012年,新南威尔士大学的研究人员检测了不同年龄段人类皮肤组织中 NAD 的含量。结果显示,随着我们年龄的增长,NAD 水平明显下降。

NAD reduction with age (males)

NAD 随年龄(男性)而减少

Looking at their best fit curve, I’d estimate the following levels measured in nanograms per milligram of protein (a nanogram is a millionth of a milligram):

根据它们的最佳拟合曲线,我估计以下的蛋白质含量是以纳克/毫克计算的(一纳克是百万分之一毫克) :

Age 年龄NAD+ (ng/mg) NAD + (ng/mg)

I’m 50 – so my cells have about half the amount of NMN in them than when I was 20 – no wonder I only have half the energy!

我50岁-所以我的细胞有大约一半的数额 NMN 在他们比我20岁时-难怪我只有一半的能量!

This means that boosting the level of NAD with NMN has the potential to reverse some of this age-related decline1. So why not take NAD supplements instead of NMN (its precursor)? Two reasons. Firstly, even though there are plenty of articles out there explaining which foods are good sources of NAD, it doesn’t really matter as NAD in food is not able to get into your cells from the gut. Secondly, the NAD that is created in your body is constantly recycled. Unlike some vitamins that can’t be made by the body so have to be ingested every day, most NAD+ is refreshed in the NAD salvage pathway and it is the components of that (e.g. NMN) that need to be consumed to make it work efficiently.

这意味着增加 NMN 的 NAD 水平有可能扭转这种与年龄有关的下降趋势。那么为什么不服用 NAD 补充剂而不是 NMN (它的前身)呢?有两个原因。首先,尽管有大量的文章解释哪些食物是 NAD 的好来源,但这并不重要,因为食物中的 NAD 不能从肠道进入你的细胞。其次,你体内产生的 NAD 不断循环。不像有些维生素不能由身体合成,所以必须每天摄入,大多数 NAD + 是在 NAD 抢救途径中刷新,它的组成部分(例如 NMN)需要消耗,使其有效工作。

However, nicotinamide mononucleotide is not only a long name, it is also a large molecule. That makes it difficult to get into cells and so it sometimes changes to a smaller molecule, nicotinamide riboside (NR) to allow it to enter a cell, where it chemically transforms back to NMN. Recent research has shown that this isn’t necessary for all cells (e.g. the small intestine of mice) and that most of the increase in NAD+ (for both NR and NMN) comes via the increase in nicotinamide (NAM) that increases the recycling of NAD+.

然而,烟酰胺单核苷酸不仅是一个长名字,它还是一个大分子。这使得它很难进入细胞,所以它有时改变为一个更小的分子,烟酰胺核糖苷(NR) ,让它进入细胞,在那里它的化学转变回 NMN。最近的研究表明,这对所有的细胞(例如小鼠的小肠)来说是不必要的,NAD + (NR 和 NMN)的增加大部分是通过增加烟酰胺(NAM)来增加 NAD + 的循环。

If NMN sometimes transforms into NR first, is NR is taking nicotinamide riboside an alternative? David Sinclair reports (in Lifespan) that he finds NMN more stable and observed some benefits in mice using it that weren’t seen with NR. I’ll probably do another blog later to discuss the differences as these aren’t the only options – Dave Asprey says (in Super Human) that he takes NAD+ intravenously, though that’s at the extreme end of treatments.

如果 NMN 有时先转化为 NR,NR 是否替代烟酰胺核糖苷?大卫辛克莱报告(在寿命) ,他发现 NMN 更稳定,并观察到一些好处,在小鼠使用它是没有看到与 NR。我可能稍后会在另一个博客上讨论这些差异,因为这些不是唯一的选择—— Dave Asprey 说(在《超级人类》中) ,他通过静脉注射 NAD + ,尽管这是治疗的最后阶段。

NMN Food Sources


Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine6 looked into how much NMN is in common foods and reported the values below. I’ve added the third column to show how much of each food you’d have to eat to consume the same amount as I’m taking as a supplement. Even for the highest concentration food, soybeans, you’d need to take in over 50 kg per day – so I think it’s fair to say that that’s not a realistic alternative to supplements.

华盛顿大学医学院的研究人员调查了普通食物中 NMN 的含量,并报告了以下数值。我添加了第三栏来显示你需要吃多少食物才能达到我作为补充剂摄入的同样数量。即使是最高浓度的食物,大豆,你也需要每天摄入超过50公斤——所以我认为公平地说,这不是补充剂的现实替代品。

Food 食物mg/100 g-Food 毫克/100克-食物kg of food to obtain 1 mg NMN 从每公斤食物摄取1毫克亚硝酸盐
edamame毛豆0.47–1.88 0.47-1.8853.2
avocado鳄梨0.36–1.60 0.36-1.6062.5
broccoli 西兰花0.25–1.12 0.25-1.1289.3
mushroom蘑菇0.0–1.01 0.0-1.0199.0
cabbage卷心菜0.0–0.90 0.0-0.90111.1
tomato 番茄0.26–0.30 0.26-0.30333.3
beef (raw) 牛肉(生的)0.06–0.42 0.06-0.42238.1
shrimp 虾0.22454.5

Trial Protocol


I was hoping to include a section on who is taking what, which would also help advise me on the best dosage. Unfortunately, apart from David Sinclair, very few people are public on what they are taking – let alone making any recommendations. Likewise, I’m sharing my experience of the latest anti-ageing supplement to help inform your personal choice – no recommendations, just information. There’s a disclaimer at the bottom of every page, but sometimes it’s worth repeating.


Dr. Sinclair takes 1 g at breakfast every day. I’ve decided to split that dose between morning (with breakfast) and evening (with dinner), so my regimen is 500 mg twice a day12. Some people have reported NMN keeping them awake if they take it in the evening, so I’ll consider moving the second dose forward if necessary.

辛克莱博士每天早餐吃1克。我已经决定在早上(早餐)和晚上(晚餐)分开服用,所以我的摄入量是500毫克,每天两次。一些人报告说,NMN 使他们在晚上服用时保持清醒,所以如果必要的话,我会考虑提前服用第二剂。

Also, just to be safe, I’ll be ramping up the dosage, taking 500 mg (at breakfast) for the first 2 weeks, followed by 3 weeks at full 1,000 mg dose. Total trial duration = 5 weeks.

另外,为了安全起见,我会增加剂量,在头两周(早餐时)服用500毫克,接下来的三周(满1000毫克)服用。总试验时间 = 5周。

NMN supplied by DoNotAge (certificate of analysis states > 99.5% nicotinamide mononucleotide)

由 DoNotAge 提供的 NMN (分析证明书显示 > 99.5% 的烟酰胺单核苷酸)

Note: the supplements are kept in the fridge for the duration of the trial. This is important as otherwise it can degrade into nicotinamide (NAM)7 – which has been shown inhibit sirtuins – the exact opposite of what we’re trying to achieve with NMN.

注意: 在试验期间,这些补充剂会一直放在冰箱里。这一点很重要,否则它可以降解成烟酰胺(NAM)7-已被证明抑制去乙酰化酶-与我们试图用 NMN 实现的完全相反。

Testing will be a combination of blood analysis, home testing and self-assessment.


Test 测试Frequency频率Equipment 设备
Blood analysis血液分析Start and end 开始和结束Medichecks 医务人员* Well Man UltraVit Blood Test (no fasting) * Well Man UltraVit 验血(不禁食)
Blood pressure血压Weekly 每周一次Omron IntelliSense M6* 6 * Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor 舒适型血压计
Peak flow 峰值流量Weekly 每周一次Mini-Wright*
Weight重量Weekly 每周一次Omron BF508 欧姆龙 BF508* Body Composition and Body Fat Monitor * 身体成分及体脂监测器
Mood情绪Daily 每日Self-assessment, tracked using 自我评估,跟踪使用MoodScope (initial plan was(最初的计划是Cara Care app Cara Care 应用 but MoodScape is provides a quantitative score) 但是 MoodScape 提供了一个量化分数)

How NMN Supplements Could Affect My Body

NMN 补充剂如何影响我的身体

What changes should I look out for at the end of my trial? Research in mice1 has reported a long list of beneficial effects on various physiological functions:

在试验结束时,我应该注意哪些变化?对 mice1的研究已经报道了一长串对各种生理功能有益的影响:

  • reduced age-related inflammation (inflammaging) 减少年龄相关的炎症(炎症)
  • increased insulin sensitivity 胰岛素敏感性增加
  • improved eye function 改善眼睛功能
  • improved liver function 改善肝功能
  • reduced kidney damage 减少肾脏损伤
  • blood vessel damage reversal 血管损伤逆转术
  • telomere maintenance 端粒维持
  • reversed muscle atrophy 逆转性肌萎缩
  • improved exercise performance 提高运动成绩

The big question still, and this will only be answered with a large-scale human trial, is whether these benefits transfer to humans. On this low budget, personal trial I won’t be able to check all of those functions, so I’m picking some that I can try to monitor the impact on myself.


I’m a regular runner, with every session logged in a spreadsheet – old-school I know! After a few years of improvement I know have a reasonably consistent pace for short and medium distances, so it will be very interesting to see if that changes over the trial. Though I’m not expecting the results that David Sinclair saw in his mice – they ran for so long the tracking computer hit a bug as it hadn’t been programmed to support mice running more than 3 kilometres!

我是一个经常跑步的人,我知道每一个会话都用旧的电子表格记录!经过几年的改进,我知道在短距离和中距离上都有一个相当稳定的速度,所以看看在试验过程中是否会有所改变将是非常有趣的。虽然我没有期待的结果,大卫辛克莱看到他的鼠标-他们运行了这么长时间的跟踪计算机遇到了一个 bug,因为它没有编程支持鼠标运行超过3公里!

One effect not on the list above is general energy levels – but that’s probably because you can’t ask a mouse how it is feeling. I tend to feel a bit tired most afternoons when working and sometimes sneak in a 5-10 minutes “power nap”. It will be really interesting to see if this urge to snooze goes away.


Biomarker 生物标志物Function 功能Method 方法
Alanene transferase 丙烯转移酶Liver 肝脏Blood analysis 血液分析
Bilirubin 胆红素Liver 肝脏Blood analysis 血液分析
Blood pressure 血压Heart 心脏Home test 家庭测试
Cholesterol ratio 胆固醇比率Heart 心脏Blood analysis 血液分析
CRP – High sensitivity CRP-高敏感性Inflammation 炎症Blood analysis 血液分析
HbA1c 糖化血红蛋白Diabetes 糖尿病Blood analysis 血液分析
eGFR 表皮生长因子受体Kidney 肾脏Blood analysis 血液分析
Mood 情绪Mental energy 精神能量Self-assessment 自我评估
Eye tiredness 眼睛疲劳Eye function 眼睛功能Self-assessment 自我评估
Peak flow 峰值流量Lung 肺Home test 家庭测试
Sleep quality 睡眠质量Sleep 睡觉Self-assessment 自我评估
TSH 促甲状腺素Thyroid 甲状腺Blood analysis 血液分析
Weight 重量Multiple 多个Home test 家庭测试

Most biomarkers are being measured objectively so should reflect any genuine physical effects of taking NMN. The only exception is mood which is susceptible to the placebo effect – I can’t deny that I’m quite excited to be trialling it, so I’ll do my best to take that into account when judging my mood.

大多数生物标志物是客观测量的,因此应该反映任何真正的物理作用服用 NMN。唯一的例外是容易受到安慰剂效应影响的情绪——我不能否认,我对试用它感到非常兴奋,所以在判断我的情绪时,我会尽最大努力把它考虑进去。

What Are The Risks?


Although there have not been many human trials with NMN, given the number of people already taking it as a supplement I think if there was a serious risk of acute injury that this would have been noticed by now. But it’s worth looking a bit deeper into any possible health risks.

虽然没有很多人体试验使用 NMN,但是考虑到已经有很多人服用它作为补充剂,我认为如果有严重的急性损伤风险,现在应该已经注意到了。但是值得深入研究一下任何可能的健康风险。

Generally speaking, in mice studies the animal models have suffered no adverse reactions or toxic effects. With anti-ageing treatments there is always the possibility of increasing the risk of cancer – as most improvements to cellular activity apply across the board, to good and bad cells alike. Although no increase in cancer incidence has been no observed in mice studies, one concern is that for certain types of cancer (pro-inflammatory senescent cell tumour growth) boosting NAD+ may help already established tumours to grow. This is a low risk which I am prepared to take for the much greater chance of an improvement to overall health, and therefore a reduced risk of all other types of cancer.

一般来说,在小鼠研究中,动物模型没有发生任何不良反应或毒副作用。随着抗衰老治疗,总是有可能增加患癌症的风险——因为大多数细胞活性的改善都适用于所有的细胞,无论是好的细胞还是坏的细胞。虽然在小鼠研究中没有观察到癌症发病率的增加,但有一种担心是,对于某些类型的癌症(促进炎症性衰老细胞肿瘤生长) ,促进 NAD + 可能有助于已经形成的肿瘤生长。这是一个低风险,我准备采取更大的机会改善整体健康,因此降低所有其他类型的癌症的风险。

There has been a very basic human safety trial carried out by Keio University School of Medicine8. This small trial involved 10 healthy men aged between 40 and 60 years old orally taking small doses (100, 250, or 500 mg) at least one week apart. They concluded that it did not cause any significant deleterious effects.


Shin-ichiro Imai, at Washington University School of Medicine, is currently performing a more detailed placebo-controlled study11 with 30 people, 15 of which will be taking 250 mg of NMN per day for 8-10 weeks. I’ll post news of the results of that on the website when available.

华盛顿大学医学院的今井信一郎目前正在进行一项更详细的安慰剂对照研究,共有30人参加,其中15人将连续8-10周每天服用250毫克 NMN。如果可以的话,我会在网站上发布结果的消息。

As my initial trial is only for month, I would hope to catch and serious issues before any potential damage is done by reviewing the end-of-trial blood analysis.


Risk assessment done… let’s get on with the trial!

风险评估完成… 让我们继续试验!

My Results


Remember, this is a N-of-1 trial so none of the results will be statistically significant – there could be other reasons to trigger any observed changes, including simple random variation. But hopefully if you’re thinking about taking NMN supplements, this will give you food for thought.

记住,这是一个 n/1的试验,所以没有一个结果在统计学上是显著的——可能有其他原因触发任何观察到的变化,包括简单的随机变化。但希望如果你正在考虑服用 NMN 补充剂,这会给你一些启发。

Blood analysis


I undertook a Medichecks* Well Man UltraVit Blood Test before and after the trial, and selected (in advance) some key biomarkers that might respond to overall improvement in physiological function.

我在试验前后进行了梅迪奇克斯 * Well Man UltraVit 验血,并(事先)选择了一些可能对生理功能的整体改善有反应的关键生物标志物。

The table below shows the initial and final values for these measurements.


Biomarker 生物标志物Start开始End完Units 单位Normal Range 正常范围Change改变
Alanene transferase 丙烯转移酶27.919.1IU/L 国际单位/升< 50
Bilirubin 胆红素12.713.9umol/L< 24
Cholesterol ratio 胆固醇比率2.72.35N/A 不适用< 4
CRP – High sensitivity CRP-高敏感性0.61.34mg/L 毫克/升< 5
HbA1c 糖化血红蛋白38.736.9mmol/mol20 – 42 20-42
eGFR 表皮生长因子受体72.874.6ml/min/ 1.73m2 每分钟1.73平方米> 60
TSH 促甲状腺素1.721.77mIU/L0.27 – 4.2 0.27-4.2

Most test results were unchanged, but I’ve highlighted any that have varied more than 10% in either direction.

大多数测试结果没有变化,但我强调了任何方向变化超过10% 的测试结果。

Alanene transferase (ALT)


This is an enzyme which is mostly found in the liver and raised levels can suggest that the liver is damaged or diseased, for example, cirrhosis or fatty liver disease.


This drop of almost a third (from 27.9 to 19.1 IU/L) is particularly significant as that reading, for me, has been over 25 for the last 5 years of testing.


Note: this is sometimes also called “alanine aminotransferase” or “serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase” (SGPT).

注: 此酶有时也称为“丙氨酸氨基转移酶”或“血清谷丙转氨酶”。

Cholesterol ratio


A great general indicator of heart health, and now considered more important that total cholesterol levels, given there is good and bad versions.


Only just exceeding the 10% change criteria (down to 2.35 from 2.7), it’s another significant change in my opinion as my reading has been consistently above 2.5 for over 10 years, so to drop suddenly seems like a good result. Looking at the cholesterol breakdown, the reduced ration is due to an increase in HDL.

仅仅超过了10% 的变化标准(从2.7下降到2.35) ,这是我认为的另一个重大变化,因为我的阅读已经连续10年保持在2.5以上,所以突然下降似乎是一个好结果。看看胆固醇的分解,摄入量的减少是由于 HDL 的增加。

CRP – High sensitivity


Now for the bad news. Background inflammation (or inflammaging) is a fundamental cause of many age-related diseases. So it’s disappointing that this has jumped up by over 100%! Unlike the other results above, that have always been reasonably consistent, I have previously had a couple of high readings. CRP-HS is sensitive to short-term infections, even the common cold, so it’s a shame I won’t be able to test for this again in a couple of weeks time to see if it subsides.

现在是坏消息。背景炎症(或炎症)是许多年龄相关疾病的根本原因。所以,令人失望的是,这个数字已经超过了100% !与上面的其他结果不同,这些结果一直是相当一致的,我之前有一些高的读数。CRP-HS 对短期感染甚至普通感冒都很敏感,所以很遗憾我不能在几周内再做一次检测,看看它是否消退。

If NMN does raise C-Reactive Protein levels then that would be very worrying. I can’t find any research linking NMN with CRP, but see reference below for related supplements. A single dose study of NAM14 saw a small increase, but a (slightly larger, placebo controlled) trial of NR15 did not – so the jury is still out.

如果 NMN 真的提高了 C反应蛋白的水平,那将是非常令人担忧的。我没有找到任何研究证明 NMN 与 CRP 有关,但是参考下面的相关补充剂。单剂量的 NAM14试验有小幅增加,但 NR15试验(稍大一些,安慰剂对照试验)没有增加,因此还没有定论。

Blood pressure


The plan was to take my blood pressure weekly, but I took it a few extra times near the beginning as it had risen a little and I wanted to be sure it wasn’t going to increase dramatically. Because the initial jump was in systolic pressure (which came down again after 2 weeks) I didn’t notice at the time a significant jump in my diastolic pressure the week later. It never went over 75, so nowhere near even prehypertension, and is slowly coming lowering – but worth noting.

我的计划是每周测一次血压,但是我在开始的时候多测了几次,因为血压已经上升了一点,我想确保它不会急剧上升。因为最初的跳跃是在收缩压(2周后再次下降) ,我没有注意到当时我的舒张压在一周后有明显的跳跃。它从来没有超过75,所以根本没有接近高血压前期,并且正在慢慢降低——但是值得注意。

Peak Flow


I used a Mini-Wright Weekly with an EU scale. According to the chart, for my age and height I should be hitting 615 litres/minute (l/min). Assuming I have good lungs from running, I was a bit disappointed to only achieve 570 pre-trial. This has jumped up 600-610, but as I’ve not done this test before, it is possible that the improvement was just me improving my technique. I’ll continue monitoring this for a few weeks and report back on this in the post-trial follow up.




Again, this was checked weekly. I don’t know whether it is the Omron scales but fat percentage does fluctuate quite a bit so I’d say that looks normal and weight didn’t really change any more than usual either.




Another factor that I hadn’t monitored before the trial (lesson learnt, always good to baseline for a period of time before starting – not just a one off measurement on day 1) is my mood, which I’d say is flatline optimistic! I was just going to use the simple self-reporting on the Cara Care app but then found the MoodScope tool  that is a bit more comprehensive and provides a quantitative score.

另一个我在试验前没有监测到的因素是我的情绪,我认为这是平线乐观!我本打算在 Cara Care 应用程序上使用简单的自我报告功能,但后来发现 MoodScope 工具更加全面,并提供了量化分数。

Quality of mood did seem to increase during the trial, and with dosage – 70% average while taking 0.5 g and 77% while taking 1 g/day. Again, this might have just been me adjusting to the test getting used to its questions, so another to monitor to see if it drops post-trial.

试验期间情绪质量似乎有所提高,剂量平均为70% ,每天服用0.5克,77% ,每天服用1克。同样,这可能只是我在适应测试,以适应它的问题,所以另一个监测,看看它是否放弃后试验。



Although not subject, as every run is timed, it is possibly the most open to placebo or other effects. For example, possibly because I’ve been checking to see if my time has been improving, I’ve been more focussed on times and therefore beating them. I don’t usually go out to set a personal best (i.e. I don’t push to the limit every time) but on the last day of the NMN trial I did set out to go as fast as I can – and did manage to set a personal best for 3 miles.

虽然不是主题,因为每次跑步都是定时的,但它可能是最容易受到安慰剂或其他效应的影响。例如,可能是因为我一直在检查我的时间是否有所改善,所以我更专注于时间,因此战胜了它们。我通常不会设定个人最好成绩(也就是说,我不会每次都达到极限) ,但是在 NMN 试验的最后一天,我开始尽可能快地跑——并且设法设定了3英里的个人最好成绩。

Looking at the graph, I hadn’t noticed before that I had been slowly improving over the previous 3 months, so the faster times could just be a continuation of that. So, yet again, it will be very interesting to see whether I slow up after the trial. Check back in for the post trial update in about a month’s time 🙂




Although I have felt like my eyes have been less tired, for example, less frequently scrunching them up to “reset” them, I should have thought of a more quantitative test. And possibly, although not any better vision, perhaps low light isn’t worrying me as much – that’s a big factor as to whether I need to reach for the reading glasses or now.


So, no graph for this one, but general assessment of “feels better”.




Overall, I definitely felt like I had more energy almost immediately after starting to take NMN supplements. Of course, I may have just been excited to be doing the trial or suffering from the placebo effect.

总的来说,在开始服用 NMN 补充剂之后,我确实感觉自己有了更多的能量。当然,我可能只是因为做了这个试验或者因为安慰剂效应而感到兴奋。

Blood results seem the least prone to placebo effects and are definitely objective rather than subjective. The 2 positive changes stand out as they buck long-term trends after only a month of supplementation – that really does seem to be beyond statistical noise. However, the CRP (inflammation) reading is a worry, but I’m hoping it was an acute infection or something.

血液检测结果似乎最不容易受到安慰剂效应的影响,而且绝对是客观的而不是主观的。这两个积极的变化突出,因为他们反对长期趋势后,仅仅一个月的补充-这似乎真的超出了统计噪音。然而,CRP (炎症)读数令人担忧,但我希望这是一种急性感染或其他什么。

Looking at the non-blood results, there were possible improvements to fitness, lung function and mood – though I’ll continue to track these for a month post-trial to see if they drop again. I don’t know whether NMN (or its rejuvenating effects) builds up in the cells and therefore the washout period could be days, weeks or months. Expect a final update early September.

看看非血液检测结果,健康状况、肺功能和情绪都有可能得到改善——尽管我会在试验后的一个月里继续跟踪这些情况,看看它们是否会再次下降。我不知道 NMN (或其返老还童的效果)是否会在细胞内形成,因此清除期可能是天、周或月。预计最终更新将在九月初发布。

It does show that a serious approach to supplementation (of any kind) would require regular blood testing (monthly, or quarterly at least) and consultation with a doctor who could really understand the underlying mechanisms and advise and changes to your supplement stack.

它确实表明,严肃的补充方法(任何种类)都需要定期血液检测(至少每月或每季度) ,并咨询医生,医生可以真正了解基本机制,并提出建议和修改补充方法。

The million dollar question


Will I continue to take NMN?

我还会继续参加 NMN 吗?

That depends. I’m certainly going to be interested to see if the effects wear off – do I go back to generally feeling tired? Does my running pace slow down? If they do, and cost was no object, and it was the only NAD+ related supplement available I think I would continue.

那要看情况了。我当然会有兴趣看看效果是否消失——我是否会回到普遍感到疲倦的状态?我的跑步速度会慢下来吗?如果他们这样做,并且成本是没有目标的,这是唯一的 NAD + 相关的补充,我想我会继续。

Basically, if I just wanted to do something NOW to make a difference – then yes, count me in.


TIP: I’m glad I decided to ramp up dose – although David Sinclair takes 1 gram per day, perhaps he worked up to that slowly. I definitely felt “whizzy” for the first half of the trial, even with doing 500 mg per day for the first 2 weeks, so wouldn’t have wanted to jump straight in to the 1,000 mg dose.

小贴士: 我很高兴我决定加大剂量——虽然大卫辛克莱尔每天服用1克,也许他慢慢做到了这一点。在试验的前半部分,我确实感觉“爽极了” ,即使前两周每天服用500毫克,所以我也不想直接服用1000毫克。

What’s Next?


There are other NAD+ precursors available, which I plan to run N-of-1 trials with too.

还有其他可用的 NAD + 前体,我计划对它们也进行 N-of-1试验。

I learnt some lessons from this exercise about how to conduct a trial, even when only a single participant – do a month’s baselining beforehand, and need to have a longer duration (maybe 2-3 months) to really see if a pattern emerges in the statistics.


Watch this space.


Progress Reports


I’ve left in the weekly updates I posted as the trial was in progress, to provide a more subjective report of how it felt as I went along.


I’ll be doing one last update in about a month’s time, to see if any perceived improvements have worn off.


Week 4 Update


Quick update this week as all going well. I’ve had a couple of brief (minutes each) reminders of feeling tired and having tired eyes – was I really like that most of the time? It will be interesting to see whether I return to those feelings when I stop taking NMN. Also, blood pressure totally back down to normal, so may have been a blimp (it does vary month by month) or the body adjusting to its new metabolic rate.

快速更新本周一切顺利。我有几个简短的(每分钟)提醒感觉疲倦和眼睛疲劳-我真的喜欢大部分时间?这将是有趣的,看看我是否回到这些感觉时,我停止服用 NMN。此外,血压完全回落到正常水平,所以可能是小型飞艇(它确实每个月都在变化)或者身体在适应新的新陈代谢率。

This week I attained a personal best for my 3 mile (off-road) running routes and also an improved peak flow test. My pace has been slowly improving over the years, but it seems like a coincidence that I get a PBs for both short and long distances during the trial. Another to monitor post-trial to see if it drops back down again.

本周,我在3英里(越野)跑道上获得了个人最好成绩,同时也完成了改进的峰值流量测试。这些年来,我的速度一直在缓慢地提高,但是在短距离和长距离试跑中,我都得到了一个 PBs,这似乎只是一个巧合。另一个是监控试验后的情况,看看它是否会再次下降。

Week 3 Update


So this is my first week at full dose – 500 mg with breakfast, and same again late afternoon – total 1 gram per day. Yesterday I forgot to take it in the afternoon so took it an hour before I went to bed, which some people have reported makes it difficult to sleep. It’s possible it had a very small negative effect on dozing off, but I’d had a mid-week social so might have just been that. I’ll try to do a couple more tests over the next week or so. 所以这是我第一个星期的全剂量-500毫克的早餐,和同样下午晚些时候-总共每天1克。昨天下午我忘了吃药,所以在上床睡觉前花了一个小时,有人说这让我难以入睡。这可能对打瞌睡有很小的负面影响,但是我有一个周中的社交活动,所以可能就是这样。在接下来的一周左右,我会再做一些检查

Otherwise, still pretty much the same. Still full of energy, and feels like I’m not so tired after a bit of weekend gardening. I have had a couple of micro-naps (sub-5 minutes) – but the difference being I’ve not had a background urge for one all day, just felt like a quick recovery shut-eye after a particularly intense bit of mental work. It will be very interesting to see if I go back to feeling tired after the end of the trial – I’ll be doing a supplemental report about a month afterwards.


Four to five days into the full dose, I did feel like I had slightly bulgy eyes and that I was whizzing around a bit too fast, but checked my blood pressure and that was looking OK. Days six to seven (today) have been better.


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Week 2 Update


A similar report to last week – definitely feeling like I have more energy and eyes don’t feel tired anymore. I’ve just done a home blood pressure check and it’s the highest it has been for 4 months – it does vary quite a bit, but one to watch.


The strange running sweat incident hasn’t repeated itself (but I only do 1 long run a week, so still monitoring) though I did do a personal best (PB) for 8 miles off-road. As always, could be a coincidence, but I’ve lots of running data for the months before the trial so will be interesting to see if the average increases for the duration.

奇怪的跑步出汗事件并没有重演(但我一周只跑一次长跑,所以还在监控) ,尽管我确实做了8英里的个人最好成绩(PB)。和往常一样,这可能是一个巧合,但是我已经在试验前的几个月运行了大量的数据,所以看看在试验期间的平均增长率会很有趣。

If these improvements are statistically significant then they should really firm up over the next few weeks as I’m about to increase my daily dose to the full 1,000 mg (1 gram).


I’ve tried to determine whether it’s better to take it all in one go (like David Sinclair) does, or to spread it out. There’s not much information around (unsurprising given the lack for studies in humans) though one supplier recommends not splitting doses below 300 mg. The argument for and against seems to revolve around possibly needing a high enough level to overcome metabolism and to get it into the cells, versus using too much in one go might result in it being flushed away before it can be incorporated.

我已经尝试决定是否它是更好地采取一次性(像大卫辛克莱) ,还是分散开来。虽然一个供应商建议不要将剂量分为低于300毫克的剂量,但是没有太多的信息(考虑到缺乏对人类的研究,这并不奇怪)。支持和反对的争论似乎围绕着可能需要一个足够高的水平来克服新陈代谢并将其进入细胞,而不是一次性使用太多可能会导致它在被合并之前被冲走。

A review of research into the biology of NAD+ intermediates suggests that the NMN doesn’t last that long in the blood stream13, so I’m going to stick with my original plan of split dose. Though I’m now going to take the second dose late afternoon so that (i) it reduces the risk of sleep problems, and (ii) it might give a boost to my early evening exercise.

对 NAD + 中间产物的生物学研究的回顾表明,NMN 在血液中不能持续那么长时间,所以我将坚持我原来的分裂剂量计划。虽然我现在打算在下午晚些时候服用第二剂,这样(i)它可以减少睡眠问题的风险,(ii)它可能会促进我晚上早起锻炼。

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Week 1 Update


One week in, so too early to make any real assessment (especially with only one trial participant) but thought I’d report back on my subjective evaluation so far. Definitely too early to even look at first week home tests (blood pressure, peak flow, etc).

一个星期之后,做出任何真正的评估还为时过早(特别是只有一个试验参与者) ,但是我认为我应该报告一下到目前为止我的主观评估。绝对是太早了,甚至看看第一周的家庭测试(血压,峰值流量等)。

I’m currently on half dose (500 mg) so wouldn’t expect to feel any effects, though I have to say that from day 1 I think there’s been a slight increase in my energy levels. I’ve got used to a background yearning for a snooze – almost from the time I wake up I’d be happy to have 5 minutes with my eyes closed on the sofa, not that I often took one. But from day 1 of my NMN trial that urge seems to have receded.  On the first day I put it down to the excitement of starting on the supplements, but a week on and I still feel the same. It’s like the feeling when, after thinking a cold has passed for a few days, it really does go away and you remember what a clear head really feels like. That’s the sensation I have now.

我目前只服用了一半的剂量(500毫克) ,所以不会有任何副作用,尽管我必须说从第一天开始我的能量水平就有了轻微的提高。我已经习惯了睡懒觉的背景——几乎从我醒来的时候起,我就很乐意在沙发上闭上眼睛睡上5分钟,而不是经常睡懒觉。但是从我 NMN 试验的第一天起,这种冲动似乎已经消退了。第一天,我把它归结为开始补充营养的兴奋,但是一个星期过去了,我仍然感觉一样。这种感觉就像,当你觉得感冒已经好几天了,它真的会消失,你会记得清醒的头脑是什么感觉。这就是我现在的感觉。

Another positive is my eyes. I don’t think I can see any better than before (that would be a very quick response) but I’m not feeling the need to scrunch them up so often or really concentrate to focus on something. One to watch (pun intended!).

另一个好处是我的眼睛。我不认为我能看到比以前更好的东西(那将是一个非常快速的反应) ,但是我不觉得有必要经常把它们卷起来或者真正集中注意力在某件事情上。一个可以看的(双关语!).

Now for the downsides. I’ve noticed a few aches that I didn’t have before – almost like muscle bruises. It could be coincidence or somehow the cells are making themselves known, but will be interesting to see if that goes away. Also, on my weekend run I had a hot and sweaty period 3-4 miles in, as if I was running in a heatwave. It was hot, but not that hot. Again, it might be coincidence, and I’ll note if it happens again.


Overall, I’m happy with the way things are going, and am looking forward to increasing my dose next week to see if I notice any more changes.



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